Regent Palace Hotel

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Regent Palace Hotel

This prestigious project won the ‘UK Building Magazine Project of the Year Award, 2012’ with the redeveloped Grade 2 Listed Regent Palace Hotel. The redevelopment of the Hotel retains the finest elements of the existing building as well as introducing new facades. The three streets surrounding the hotel include retail and mixed use units to reinvigorate the Quadrant which is now a prime area of Regent Street for the Crown Estate.

Corners of the original faience clad hotel building have been kept, and new faience has been introduced into the additional elevations using a variety of colours. By blending imperfect and perfect reflective surfaces, the new elevations make a play between the contrasting appearance of faience and glass. One of the builders concerns was that there was a service entrance needing to be secured with an unusually large height span for which there was no standard product.

The client had very demanding requirements for the product of choice – bi-folding speed gates which were to be used to secure the entrance of the main service and delivery yard. The specification was for aesthetically pleasing speed gates which are reliable and safe in functionality. The building contractor spent a long time researching the different solutions available and were finally directed to ATG Access, “The Barrier Division” by their security consultants. The gates supplied had already been installed at various banks across Europe so were deemed to be more than appropriate for this project.

The brief for the speed gates were that they had to open and close rapidly, quietly and safely. The service yard is located opposite both a theatre and residential scheme. The clients wanted the gates to be kept closed at all times (important to stop members of the public wandering in off the street), so with the high volume of deliveries expected it was essential that the gates were really well engineered and reliable.

The building is Grade 2 Listed and situated in a ‘high profile’ part of the West End. The building contractors worked closely with suppliers and ATG Access to design attractive cladding to the exterior and used a bronze paint which harmonized the speed gates with the real bronze shop fronts surrounding the building. The speed gates are now fully installed and maintained under a customer care agreement with ATG Access.

Dixon Jones worked closely with the speed gate manufacturers, Holland Traffic Control Ltd, and with the preferred installation company – ATG Access (the Barrier Division) in order to improve and adapt a product. The speed gates which were adapted are now fully installed and maintained under a customer care agreement with ATG Access (the Barrier Division).

Mike Davies, Holland Traffic Control