Residential Client

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Residential Client

A residential client approached ATG Access to increase their driveway security. The client already has an automatic gate installed at the front of the property but wanted to increase their security further.

ATG Access GloBoll bollards were chosen to be installed in front of the automatic gate as part of a complete overhaul and re-surface of the driveway. Two stainless steel GloBoll bollards were installed to protect the existing gate and offer added security to the property.

Operated via key fob and in conjunction with the automatic gates these imposing and yet aesthetically pleasing bollards provided added reassurance and value to the property. The GloBoll models were installed with a lighting lid so visibility of the posts at night was good for passing vehicles and residents of the property.

The civil installation included utilising existing cobbles from the old surface to provide an attractive mounting area for the bollards.

The residential client was very pleased with the result and this is a great case study highlighting how bollards can be operated in conjunction with existing security measures.

The installation of automatic bollards to secure our driveway has not only increased the value of our property but also made car theft impossible. Our property is a much more secure place as a result.

Residential Client