Residential Parking Protection

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Residential Parking Protection

Abersoch in Wales is a pretty costal village which attracts a lot of tourism in peak holiday season. There are 900 constant residents throughout the year but this grows to 2,500 during summer months with 1,000’s of additional visitors being attracted to the area.

This private residential client wanted to protect an area with four parking spaces outside their property. If unprotected, unauthorised visitors would have constantly left their vehicles in the parking spaces.

For an effective result the client decided to install four round 101/670 manually retractable bollards at the end of each individual parking space. ATG Access Round 101/670 bollards are easy and light to operate. Being fully retractable into the ground ensured there was no tripping hazard for passing pedestrians and avoided any storage being needed for the posts when not in use.

The solution has been very effective and has kept the parking area free from unwanted, parked vehicles. The bollards also feature two reflective bands to ensure the posts are highly visible to passing vehicles at night.

The client also purchased a manual bollard, emergency repair kit to ensure that all posts are fully operational all year round. The kit contains replacement handles, locks and a full set of service instructions.