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Sarah Iqbal

Sarah Iqbal

Getting to Know Sarah Iqbal

Originally from a creative background having studied her undergraduate course in BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, Sarah decided to have a slight career change and study MSc Project Management.

Sarah’s Project Management lecturer introduced Sarah to ATG Access and she approached the company to discuss her university research proposal and to gain work experience over the summer period. This opportunity turned into a very successful internship for 4 months and gave Sarah a fantastic chance to achieve first hand, relevant project management experience within a busy, international and dynamic team.

During Sarah’s productive internship she has helped the company launch and design their new internal communications software. This will aid employee document control and also communication with ATG Access’ global network of distributors.

A large part of Sarah’s placement has also involved recruiting members of staff. Firstly an external international Project Manager for the Gulf region – an area with huge growth potential over the next 5-10 years and secondly internal roles such as an Export Sales Manager and a Finance Controller.

Gaining experience of dealing with product end users and clients face-to-face has been an important step for Sarah and she has been heavily involved in the recent project for the Meadow Hall shopping centre project attending site regularly.

One of the ATG Access initiatives is for new employees or members of staff to complete a 6-week feedback form to encourage new ideas from fresh pairs of eyes. Sarah Iqbal came up with the idea of introducing multicultural food in the onsite bistro. This idea was popular with the Board of Directors and turned this into a cultural awareness day which resulted in Sarah catering Pakistani food for the company.

Having recently joined us as a full time UK Project Manager and graduating with distinction from MMU, Sarah has been a true asset to the team with a very bright future ahead of her!