Surface Guard To Secure Serious Request Festival 2017 In Apeldoorn.

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Surface Guard To Secure Serious Request Festival 2017 In Apeldoorn.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation At Serious Request Festival

Every year in the Netherlands a huge charity festival takes place, the Serious Request Festival. This year the event is taking place in Apeldoorn and will be secured by our new hostile vehicle mitigation barrier the Surface Guard.

This year’s event kicks off in Apeldoorn on Monday night. From Monday until Christmas Eve, three famous DJ’s are locked in a bespoke Glass House on Marktplein for 24 hours each day.

They will play requests continuously while motivating their radio audience across the Netherlands to donate to a nominated cause. This year’s annual fundraiser is raising money to help the Red Cross reunite families torn apart by disasters or conflicts.

During the 7 day period, the DJ’s will not be allowed to eat any solid food, adding to the severity of the cause. The event is followed closely on the radio as well as thousands of spectators travelling to Apeldoorn to support the spectacle.

The event itself creates a huge, crowded urban area which, in today’s environment sadly heightens the risk of a terrorist attack targeting the populated area.

The festival’s security provider, Safe City Solutions approached one of ATG’s partners in the Netherlands (Bavak) for support and product recommendations to secure the event on a temporary basis without damaging any of the area’s surfaces and landscaping. ATG’s recent innovation, the Surface Guard system was perfect for the client’s requirements and has been designed to prevent vehicle ramming attacks while maintaining an areas pedestrian permeability.

The system is fully impact tested to comply with IWA 14 testing standards and can be deployed to secure a standard road in just 40 minutes. Changes in levels and severe road cambers can be accommodated due to the systems modular design.

To avoid creating any fear for spectators coming to support the charity festival, the system is designed to be friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Not to cause alarm or a fortress mentality like alternative, non-pedestrian permeable solutions.

Bavak, Safe City Solutions and ATG Access are proud to be securing such a fantastic, charity event.