Shallow Mount Bollards Explained

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Shallow Mount Bollards Explained

Why You Need Shallow Mount Bollards

ATG Access is the leading manufacturer of shallow mount bollards and over the years we have successfully designed and launched an array of security bollards which utilise shallow mount technology. Read on to find out all the benefits of shallow mount bollards.

These bollards not only offer PAS 68 rated protection, they also provide customers with a ‘green and shallow solution’ to their perimeter security needs.

The Benefits of Shallow Mount Bollards:

  • Low quantity of concrete compared to other solutions
  • Installation period substantially lower than our competitors (between 1 -2 hrs per bollard)
  • Less on site duration – therefore reduced preliminaries.
  • Reduction in time needed for setting out.
  • No formwork required
  • Straight forward concrete sub-base, no need for reinforcing bars
  • Reduction in service disruption and additional ground works

Shallow Mount Bollards were originally designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional bollards which require deep foundations and can cause inconvenience when exposing a range of services, prohibiting installation.

Through meeting the brief to design and test a bollard system which required shallower foundations but still met a high-security rating; ATG Access have developed a range of ‘greener solutions’ for their customers.

During the installation of these innovative shallow mount bollards, disruption of habitats and tree roots is kept to a minimum. Less plant machinery is required on site to fit the product which in turn reduces pollution and noise.

Fundamentally the ‘greener solution’ uses a smaller amount of concrete, less than 25% of the concrete employed in a traditional foundation. This building material is responsible for 2% of UK Carbon Dioxide Emissions so it is vital that installers using this substance are mindful of this.

Working with a variety of trade partners internationally and nationally, ATG Access’s Shallow Mount Bollards have already been frequently chosen above rival products.

Some of the more prestigious projects which have identified the benefit of selecting ATG Access Shallow Mount technology have been banks, airport terminals, railway stations, government buildings, embassies and sports stadiums.

ATG Access prides itself on innovation and quirky engineering. The company will endeavor to continue to develop market leading products which meet a variety of perimeter security needs.