Garage Security

Whatever you use the space for, we want to make sure that whatever is behind your garage door, is kept safe at all times.

Why you should secure your garage

Why you should secure your garage

Garages can be used for a variety of things. Perhaps you keep a classic car, a motor home or even a motorbike hidden away for bright days. Maybe you are a keen gardener and use the space to store expensive tools and machinery. Or perhaps you even house a workshop within the confines of your garage.

Installing security bollards

In addition to a garage lock, it is possible to install security bollards directly outside the door. This adds an extra layer of security. If thieves do manage to break the lock on your garage door. They still can’t open the door to steal anything. A traditional overhead opening door would not be able to be opened.

Protection against potential theft

If the door opens inwards then thieves may be able to break in. No vehicles would be able to be removed however if security bollards were blocking access in and out of the garage space. Depending on your objective, security-bollards can add an additional layer of security. Bollards are very easy to install and maintain. All products come with full fitting instructions and service tips. 

Bollards for Garage Security

As mentioned previously, bollards can have 2 main functions when protecting a garage. Whether that be stopping an "up and over" garage door from being opened or stopping any vehicles from being removed from a garage. We have bollards for both scenarios, the most accessible and easy to use product would be an automatic driveway bollard, alternatively, you could use a telescopic bollard or removable bollard. However, both of these solutions will have to be manually moved, removed.

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