Public Transport Security Solutions

We offer a range of high-security solutions for railway stations and airport security.

Solutions for Transport Security

When it comes to transport security for air and rail it's vital to have the right solutions in place to keep passengers and employees secure.

Here at ATG Access, we have a long history of securing airports and railway stations throughout the UK and beyond, so we understand that it's important to ensure that passengers feel safe as well as protected. 

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High Security Bollards for Public Transport

Protect places of public transport against accidental vehicle impact and hostile vehicle attacks. ATG Access is experienced at securing transport hubs such as railway stations, bus terminals, airports and ports. Effectively mitigate risk across the site while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for passengers.

Fixed HVM Bollards

Fixed HVM Bollards are perfect for perimeter protection, safeguarding passengers, employees and the building from vehicle impacts. These high security bollards are effective for passenger entrances or walkways at railway stations and airports. An added benefit is the versatility in aesthetic options. Allowing bollards to blend into their surroundings, including being integrated within street furniture items if needed. This avoids a ‘fortress mentality’.  

Automatic HVM Bollards

Particularly when providing airport security, certain areas of the site need to be secured but retain the ability to allow vehicle access. Automatic high security bollards are designed for serviceability to guarantee longevity. They operate on control systems designed in-house with an option for bollards to be integrated into the existing control systems on site.

Shallow Mount HVM Bollards

Shallow mount bollards are ideal for securing public transport locations in busy and urban areas. Locations such as city railway stations may have services located underground, so creating deep foundations can be problematic and expensive. Shallow mounted high security bollards eliminate that problem and can be installed quicker than traditional bollards. Speed of installation is particularly beneficial when implementing airport security as these locations are often operational 24/7, so minimal disruption is a must.

Manually Retractable HVM Bollards

Manually retractable high security bollards are a cost effective solution for railway stations or airports where a perimeter needs to be secured but has occasional traffic flow. Manually retractable bollards do not need electricity to operate, this can be particularly relevant when providing airport security. Airports cover a large area of ground that needs to be secured and may include areas of the site which have limited access to power.

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