We are caught in a dilemma..

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We are caught in a dilemma..

The 2014 Quadrennial Defence Review reveals that the long-term effects of global climate change, such as food scarcity and conflict over water, will cause increased terrorist activity. At the same time, the Globe Scan poll shows that public attention paid to questions of sustainability has reached a twenty-year low.

How is it possible that green issues take a back seat, if environmental changes pose an immediate threat to national safety and security?

Well, according to Globe Scan chairman, Doug Miller, the economic crisis and a lack of political leadership lie at the heart of the problem. He comments: “They cause the public to tune out.” What do you think? Should companies take a leading role in addressing questions of sustainability? Should they put more emphasis on developing cost efficient products which also provide customers with green solutions? Our opinion on the matter is that establishing a development led ‘green safety and security industry’ is most crucial. Developing security products that prevent the disruption of habitats and tree roots and cause less pollution and noise is ATG Access’ top priority. Our bollards and vehicle barrier systems already use 25% less concrete than traditional foundations and therefore reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

Tell us your views on #GreenSolution products – @ATGAccess and win a ticket to the Counter Terror Expo 2014 in London. Take the chance to be among the first who can glance at ATG Access’ latest answer to sustainability, the #SPTTIndependence.