Westfield Shopping Centre

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Westfield Shopping Centre

Westfield Shopping centre was built prior to the Olympics and opposite the Olympic Sports Village in Stratford.

The brand new retail site was built using a variety of cutting edge building materials and had a very urban aesthetic. The sites perimeter was in need of some high security barriers to restrict vehicles from accessing service entrances and to prevent ram raid and vehicular borne attacks.

Multiple areas of the retail site needed security, including the restaurant area and the service entrances. A mix of products were supplied and installed by ATG Access on the site: SP400, SP1000 bollards, the Cityscape Gate and some car park blockers.

For some of the products to work in conjunction with each other to provide optimum security and seamless access to authorised vehicles – the electrical layout drawings completed and implemented by ATG Access were extremely complex.

This was part of a wider security upgrade for the Stratford area prior to hosting the Olympic Games.