Which Driveway Bollard is Best?

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Which Driveway Bollard is Best?

Bollards can be used to protect your property and driveway from a multitude of crimes such as vehicle theft, ram-raid attacks on your garage and unwanted vehicles parking or turning on your premises.

The number of bollards needed to secure an entrance depends on the width. Bollards are recommended to be spaced 1.4-1.5 meters apart, centre to centre. A fixed point within an entrance is a helpful starting point such as a wall, hedge, planter or fence post.

The type of bollard you chose depends on a few factors. Firstly, you need to establish the type of vehicle accessing the area. If the vehicle is high off the ground, you may benefit from a taller bollard increasing the security products visibility once installed.

How you want the product to be operated is also an important consideration. If you are accessing your driveway entrance multiple times throughout the day, you may find it more practical to install an automatic bollard system which can be raised and lowered on approach using a simple key fob system. If you are only accessing the area to park a couple of times a day, a manually telescopic security bollard would be more than sufficient. This type of bollard is easily raised and lowered into the ground by hand. If the bollards lifting weight is a concern to users, you can purchase a bollard with an in-built lift-assist mechanism which reduces the products lifting weight by as much as 60% making operation possible by all.

If your property has a high water table (the level at which the soil and gravel are completely saturated with water), you will not be able to install fully telescopic bollards. If security bollards are immersed in water for a long period of time, they will begin to rust. Lifting a bollard out of a water filled outer casing will cause a ‘drag’ effect making lifting extremely difficult. A solution for this type of situation is to install a lift-out bollard. These products still sit within an outer casing but instead of being fully retracted into the ground, the product lifts out completely. It is also possible to purchase additional storage sockets to store removable bollards securely when not in use to prevent scratching and damage.

Another option if you want to install automatic bollards is to connect the system to drain ensuring that water is continuously being carried away from the installed bollard system.

The final consideration is the products aesthetic finish. All products are supplied with a galvanised finish as standard and come with reflective bands to increase visibility. If you require a coloured bollard – we can supply bollards powder coated to any RAL colour specified. For a superior aesthetics, stainless steel finishes are available for some security bollards also.

Telescopic and lift-out bollards cannot be provided with lights but automatic bollard systems can. An LED lighting ring can be supplied to help bring the automatic system to the attention of pedestrians and vehicles especially at night.