Wigan City Council

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Wigan City Council

Wigan had previously installed a traffic management system but it was poor quality and because of this under utilised. As a result the town council were very dubious about installing another bollard system but still had the original traffic management problems to contend with.

After multiple sales consultations with the town council, ATG Access VP200 bollards were chosen to restrict traffic flow to certain areas within the busy town and to protect shoppers in the same vicinity.

ATG Access’s sales team and project managers worked very hard on the site to preserve cobbled areas when installing the loop detectors underground.

As a result of ATG Access’s hard work, the council went on to further specify ATG Access products on a variety of other sites within the town centre as well as Leigh City Council.

ATG Access continues to build relationships with city and county councils across the UK to provide reliable traffic management systems and the correct level of pedestrian protection.