Wimbledon Tennis Club

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Wimbledon Tennis Club

On the perimeter of the All England Lawn Tennis Association – affectionately known as Wimbledon, ATG Access were contracted to provide security from vehicle borne threats at certain locations, offering protection to the main playing courts within the confines of the grounds.

The constraints were such that the protection required had to withstand severe impact, had to look decorative and in keeping with the area with two thirds of these units had to be removable once the Championships were over.

The solution was to provide the ATG Access SP1000 Shallow Foundation product – a world leader for shallow foundation technology with an installation depth of just 112mm and Shallow Foundation Removable Bollards with a bespoke Heritage Design Sleeve cast in Wimbledon Green.

The new “”Heritage Sleeve” was designed, created and installed within good time for the 2013 Championships at Wimbledon Tennis Club and is in place offering the best protection at the shallowest depth for installation with sleeves that are in keeping for the surrounding area.

Every year, the All England Lawn Tennis Association had to set ugly concrete blocks adjacent to the perimeter of the grounds in order to protect the VIP’s within.

This year, the bollards are standing tall and offering even better, permanent protection, and helping the local residents by not having to suffer concrete blocks and re-directed routes whilst the Championships are on throughout the month of June.